BNC is a creative video agency. We specialize in producing videos that deliver emotion and impact.
An effective video is one that moves you. And that is what we’re here to do.


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Brand & Training videos

Brand videos / Product videos / Corporate videos / Promotional videos / Investor recruitment / Visitor centers / VR 360° / Exhibitions / Training videos / Fundraiser videos / Viral campaigns 

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So, how do you feel? now?

"An effective video not only informs. It inspires you to feel.”

That's how we see it

What We Do

Truly effective videos that engage, inspire and compel are the fruits of a long and complex process.
We guide businesses and brands to help them achieve their goals with video.

Original Content

In a video-saturated world, everyone tries to stand out from the crowd. Original, extraordinary content is priceless.
Creating such content requires a deep understanding of the subject matter as well as creative thought and imagination.
Whether in High-tech, Healthcare, Security, Education or any other field, we help tell your story with original content that creates impact. This is also what makes our work so enjoyable the opportunity to learn from and create a new world with every video we produce.


We manage the entire production process and guide you every step of the way. This includes budget management, setting a detailed schedule, team selection, project coordination, locating filming sites in Israel and abroad, casting, contracts, permits, insurance and other logistics- from beginning to end.


Today, everyone has a camera 24/7, so what could possibly be new? Quite a lot, actually.
The art of photography continuously surprises and evolves. On one hand, new technologies allow us to create amazing visual content. On the other, there is beauty in simplicity. There is no right or wrong way to film. A mastery of all genres is required with the ability to choose among them wisely and tastefully.

Post Production

Now enters the world of fairytales. Here, anything can happen.
Editing, graphic design, animation, infographics, soundtrack, composition, color corrections, special effects and so much more. The possibilities within post production are endless. And all of this we do in-house.

Small Team – One Mission

We lead an all-star creative team that likes to think BIG.

Benny Shoklander (Shoko)

It is said that the cinema and video industry is one of feelings.
To this, I would also add magic.
Knowing how to transform an idea into something moving and emotional.
There are so many genres and techniques.
A plethora of evolving technologies.
Not to mention budget management, schedules and other miscellany.
Producing a video really is like magic. And if you want extraordinary video, it’s best to work with the best magician in the house.

Nir Cohen Eshkol

I never studied film in a formal setting.
It is simply a part of who I’ve been for as long as I can remember.
Like love at first sight.
And I love what I do very much.
Calling it work doesn’t do it justice.
For me, it is more like the creation of a masterpiece.
Not that this view makes it easier or less challenging.
But indeed, it is much more exciting and satisfying.
I direct most of the videos at BNC.
But this is by no means a one man show.
To create outstanding video, one must conduct an entire team.
And without an orchestra, there would be no one to conduct.
I am fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant, talented and capable people.
This is a big part of what makes video production so much fun.

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